Building Management

We look forward to providing superior service to you and your business. We are your partner in building management.

Thank you

for considering 21st Century Building Services, Inc. We take great pride in treating every account as if it is our only customer, and we are committed to fulfilling every item of our service agreement on a daily basis. In fact, we strive to provide more than our customers expect, because we are customer service specialists as opposed to merely building cleaners.


The owner, managers and employees possess a wealth of experience and expertise. We recruit and retain dependable personnel through three important company policies. First, and most important, is our personnel recruitment and screening process. Before anyone begins orientation and supervised training with 21st Century Building Services, Inc., each candidate must successfully pass a complete criminal history check, employment history investigation, and a substance abuse screening test.


Secondly, we are committed to providing slightly more in compensation and benefits to our employees than our competition. For identification purposes our employees are required to wear photo identification badges while on any job site. Our professional cleaners are our most valuable investment, and therefore, like our customers, we make every effort to keep them once they are on our roster.

Quality Service

We ensure quality service every day by providing the best customer service in the janitorial business. We inspect our customer accounts at night and during the day so regularly and in such detail that we detect and correct most deficiencies before the customer becomes aware of any ongoing problem. However, in a human labor-intensive business, minor problems or special customer requests do arise. To handle these requests our area managers are on 24-hour call via mobile phones and respond immediately.


We also increase the flow of communication by way of a logbook in the facility. Any complaint or special request entered in this logbook is addressed during the beginning of the work shift by our on-site supervisor and workers. We also have personnel that respond to any special daytime problem or emergency in our customer accounts.